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We are currently in the process of replacing the Animal Therapies website. Please note the usual functionalities and information is currently de-activated while we transition to the new website. We endeavour to keep this interruption to a minimum. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Any urgent enquiries please contact us at atlhelp@envyus.com.au

How it all began

On 20 November 2014, Animal Therapies Ltd director Wendy Coombe went to work like any other day as a senior manager for a large ASX-listed corporation. However, that afternoon – with no memory of how she got home – her life took a dramatic turn. A critical path for Wendy’s recovery came in the form of an Assistance Dog called Jack.

The wide-reaching therapeutic benefits of animal-assisted services are now well documented, but Wendy’s personal experience identified some major gaps in the sector within Australia. Until now, there has been no national organisation advancing health through animal-assisted services as a whole.

Animal Therapies Ltd, a registered Health Promotion Charity, was established on 21 February 2018. It offers an impartial lens creating linkages, partnerships and joint initiatives between recipients, the private, public, education & community sectors.