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Assistance Paws

Lisa Robinson

Biographical Info Stress Less Public Access. Consulting to assistance animal handlers and the animal-assisted services sector.

Animals Other, Cat, Dog,

Qualified to assist with Communication Skills / Leadership, Learning & Development, Visitation animals to facilities, Social & Emotional Skills, Adversity, Corporate Wellness, Grief, Traumatic Brain Injury, Seizures, Mental Health, Loneliness, Vision Impairment, Post-Traumatic Stress, Veterans and First Responders, Pain Management, Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disability, Psychosocial, Psychological Injury, Psychiatric Conditions, Depression, Anxiety, Aged Care, ADHD,

Business Statement Education, Advocacy, Support - to the Animal Assisted Services Sector :- corporates, government, charities, allied health providers, communities and individuals, assistance animal handlers.

Professional Qualification Assistance animal trainer/assessor, Other,


Registered to work with Children Yes

NDIS Registered No

Medicare Provider No

Police Background Checked Yes

Qualified to Work with People with Disabilities Yes

Mental Health First Aid Certified Yes

Service Mobile Yes

Email Address

Phone Number 0411727800

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